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Maverick Maintenance & Supply, LLC is committed to developing and providing solutions for every customer. We are a company with a mission and the ability to develop turnkey solutions for FRP engineering challenges. Our abilities facilitate project concept development, fabrication, installation, and continuing services to maintain composite related equipment and systems. 

Working Together for Our Customers

Working Together - Your Team

Maverick Maintenance & Supply, LLC's Main Office and Field Services Office are in Pasadena, Texas with a FRP Manufacturing Shop in Karnes City, Texas and Tank Trailer & Vessel Maintenance Shop in Kennedy, Texas. Our primary focus, as a coordinated team, is to provide FRP, non-metallic products and shop - field services to meet our Customers requirements. What you expect … effective planning … budget minded solutions … quality products & services.  Our success within the industry is commitment to our Customer.


Industry Services

Our Customers represent several industries which include chemical process, power, pulp, food processing, pharmaceutical, metal plating, mining, fiber optics and semiconductor. Working within these industries we provide professional Field Services and corrosion resistant FRP products such as process and effluent piping, abrasion resistant piping, storage and process vessels, stacks and chimney liners, duct systems, tank liners, and custom solutions for your corrision resistant projects. Direct industry operators, engineering firms, general contractors and end users are our customers.

Products & Services

Products & Services To Meet Your Project Requirements


Maverick Maintenance & Supply, LLC is unique in the industry because it is not limited to one specific resin, plastic shape, or size, and has the ability to engineer and custom fabricate low and high pressure systems with non-metallic materials. Additionally, we use thermosets and dual laminates to provide corrosion and abrasion solutions. When fabricating custom FRP products, different types of resins are used to facilitate the bonding process and to create the chemical resistance required for the project. Resins used, include furan, phenolics, epoxy, vinyl ester, isophthalic and orthophthalic polyesters. In addition to using the existing resins within the industry, our research and development efforts focus on experimenting with new types of industry resins to provide new and improved solutions to meet our customer's requirements. Reinforcement materials for structural strength include chopped strand mat, woven roving, bi-directional, and carbon fiber. Our knowledge of composites from initial design through installation provide the full benefit on non-metallic corrosion resistant solutions.


Maverick Maintenance &Supply, LLC product and engineered systems are custom manufactured using hand layup or filament winding equipment to fabricate pipe, tanks, scrubbers and process vessels. Utilizing our equipment, technical knowledge and skilled workforce we produce FRP pipe from 1" to 168" in diameter and tank and vessels up to 14' in diameter. Systems built to customer specification can include pressure piping systems, flanged joints, butt strap joints, bell joints, and speciality designed attachments for process requirements or support. When required, we design custom molds  per customer specifications to create unique project solutions.

Shop & Field Services

Maverick Maintenance & Supply, LLC Shop & Field Services are available Monday through Friday and 24/7 for scheduled turnarounds, shutdowns and emergency services. Our Shop & Field Service Technicians have the professional skills and many years of experience to safely provide value to your project, on time and within budget.

Tank Trailer & Vessel Services

Maverick Maintenance & Supply, LLC provides complete repair and installation of tank linings for acid and bleach tank trailers and frac tanks. In addition, we manufacture  and install FRP tank trailer front and rear fenders, hose trays, spillways, and crows nest. 


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